Name Change Options for Florida Residents

Are you preparing to legally change your name? If you've done your research, you know the process can be time consuming and involves lots of paperwork, legal documentation and interaction with several government agencies. It can be overwhelming, but we offer a solution that streamlines the process. Read below to learn more about your options:

This service will help you change your name for each of the following:

  • Social Security Card
  • Internal Revenue Service File
  • Driver License and I.D. Cards
  • Vehicle Title and Registration
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • Voter Registration
  • Secondary Sources and Agencies

In order to get started, please select from the following options:

Married Name Change

Select this option if you are recently married and would like to change your maiden name to your married name.

Legal Name Change

Select this option if you are seeking court approval for a legal name change unrelated to a marriage or divorce.

Divorce Name Change

Select this option if you are getting divorced and would like to revert to your maiden name.

Common Questions

How much time will I save by using your service?

Unassisted, the name change process can take up to 13 hours. We save you most of that time by providing you with all the documentation you need in one place, as well as clear-cut, easy-to-follow instructions. With our service, the research has already been done and expert name change specialists are standing by waiting to help you.

What's included in your name change assistance package?

All the documentation you need to complete your name change, including step-by-step instructions to help you file properly with state and federal agencies. We also include letter templates, links to additional resources, and expert guidance from our dedicated support team.

What if I have questions that aren't answered in your documentation?

In that case, we invite you to contact our support team. We pride ourselves on offering unprecedented assistance during the name change process. Our team will be happy to answer your questions promptly and thoroughly.